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  1. I am dating a Type 1 diabetic and would appreciate some insights.
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  3. 7 Stories on Love, Sex, and Type 1 Diabetes
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I am dating a Type 1 diabetic and would appreciate some insights.

I am quite upfront about it. I want to know if someone I date has a problem with it before the relationship becomes serious. When I met my husband at 21 he knew all about my 11 month old son but 3 weeks into dating I had a low blood sugar and decided that I needed to tell him. I liked him a lot and it was so difficult to tell him partly because I knew what that meant and partly because I knew he came with preconceived ideas.

That was 18 years ago and he has been with me through my crazy ride since. Lisa, it sounds like you found a great, supportive husband! I wish the best for you and your family. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave this field empty. How do you usually tell the person? How much do you share about your diabetes?

What is the biggest challenge in telling someone about your diabetes? What is the biggest concern you have about dating? What have you learned over time about dating with diabetes? Did it change anything about how you perceived him in a negative or positive way?

Dating a Person with Type 1 Diabetes – Diabetes Daily

I felt embarrassed that I did not know or recognize the signs that his blood sugar was low. I asked him if I should have noticed. The knowledge did not change how I felt emotionally. It did make me want to be educated. He was diagnosed at age 36 he is now 44 and I truly feel he wrestles with the drastic changes that life threw at him. He did, over time, teach me how to recognize his lows, check his blood sugar, and offered suggestions on how to deal with them. Low blood sugar numbers are his biggest concern.

But more so worrisome, are the nighttime lows. I learned to test his blood at night when I would wake up to him in a full body sweat, hot, and twitchy. I kept my place stocked with juice boxes and snacks.

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Luckily he seems to know to swallow his juice box when a straw is in his mouth. Once time I called the ambulance because he accidently injected his long acting insulin into a vein. Despite a gigantic snack just before bedtime, his numbers dipped from to 39 in a matter of 20 minutes.

7 Stories on Love, Sex, and Type 1 Diabetes

All was fine in the end and no trip to the hospital was needed. He was angry that I called the ambulance. We hear about the effects of long terms highs, weight issues, etc.

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  6. What is one thing you wish you could understand better around diabetes or his diabetes specifically? Why there are not better sources for emotional counseling.

    2. Be honest …

    I wish I had known him before his diagnosis so I could better understand his feeling of loss. The loss of being able to physically exert himself without worry of passing out. The loss of knowing he will hear the wake up alarm each morning.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Heidi! And for being a great, supportive Type 3. But I've always been active and kept my BG in tight control. So it seems my developing resistance had more to do with the nature of the insulin itself, and changing the type solved the problem. T1's have far less insulin resistance than T2's, for whom insulin resistance is the actual cause of the disease for us T1's, it's an immune system problem wherein the insulin producing cells of the pancreas have been destroyed by our killer T-cells.

    T1 women can and do have healthy children, and remain healthy themselves. Again, you may want to ask that question on the T1 board, where there are many women that have had children as T1's themselves. As a T1 male, I have 3 kids and one granddaughter none of whom are D - knocking wood! So, by all means, ask that question on the T1 board! But as I said, I've striven to keep tight control of my BG virtually all of that time.

    In any event, my point is that it's possible - and for women that have children as well.

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    This is advice I got from My Brother who is type 1 and sometimes even from my own experience as a type 2 on insulin. Nothing can be more annoying than the food police..

    Having someone constantly Remind you to test.. I know they mean well but it can get annoying.. Eating out, some foods are harder to deal with, I always apperciated it when guys asked me where I wanted to go eat Most of the time I chose places they liked as well My brother had a few GFs who really came through for him when he was low and needed help.

    For me I could not always be spontaneous.. Posted by t1wayne on Oct 14, Posted by magdelynn on Oct 15, 8: Im not going to comment on the diet part of ur post becuz i myself est whatever i want just in moderation and make sure i take my insulin accordingly. But i did want to comment on the prgnancy part Im 23 and was diagnosed at age My drs told me at that age that it would b very difficult for me to get pregnant at that age i didnt care becuz it wasnt even a thought i had I now have a 4 year old daughter As long as your gf takes care of herself and keeps her sugars in safe range then prgnancy is always a possibilty.

    And if or when she does get pregnant she will have to b extra careful and watch what she eats and how much insulin she gives etc.