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  1. A 7-Step Plan for Finding Love After a Devastating Breakup - Tiny Buddha
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Are you holding onto anger, shame, or resentment? First, stop avoiding and suppressing your negative feelings. We avoid dealing with our feelings in all sorts of ways: Instead of avoiding and suppressing, let your feelings flow through you and get comfortable with the discomfort. Second, get back to doing things you love. Go do things that light you up inside and bring you joy.

And finally, make sure you have someone who listens to you without judgment and will let you vent when you need to. Other solutions to exploring our feelings are support groups in your community, online forums , or starting a journaling practice.

A 7-Step Plan for Finding Love After a Devastating Breakup - Tiny Buddha

There are more out there! How do I know that for sure? Believing you have only one soul mate is nothing more than a limiting belief—and limiting beliefs are meant to be overcome. Remember, there are multiple soul mates out there for you. Your ex hated spontaneity and adventure? You get the idea. Instead of thinking about what you really, truly want in a relationship, you jump in blindly.

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Think about your past relationships. Fast-forward to your breakup. Stay true to them and find a partner who shares your values. You have to find your own balance between honesty, compassion, and staying true to your values.

Yes, people might feel hurt by your honesty. After my latest breakup, I realized I needed to work on some things. I reflected on my fear of commitment.

The Top 5 Reasons for Joining Online Dating Sites Post-Breakup

I got clear on my core values. I worked on my ability to communicate my feelings around tough subjects like sex, money, and having children. I read new books, worked with a coach, and traveled by myself. I met new people and shared life experiences with them in a vulnerable way.

This is especially common if things ended badly, but can also apply even if things ended fairly amicably. Relationships can leave deep wounds — sometimes deeper than we realise. You may feel like you did everything to save the relationship while your partner did nothing. You may even feel like they actively sabotaged things. This can leave you bitter, and wary of showing the same level of trust in someone new. Sometimes, changes in circumstances — or changes in people — can be enough for something that worked previously to stop working a few years down the line.

This can be equally hard to deal with, especially if you both feel you did everything you could to save the relationship. It can leave you fearful that exactly the same thing could happen again. The truth, of course, is that it could: Of course, vulnerability forces you to pay a price and some girls were immediately turned off and stopped talking to me.

Luckily, there were some girls who were understanding and caring. There were even girls who agreed to let me use them to get over my ex.

Top 5 Reviews

I have no idea how I was even able to have a vulnerable conversation with a stranger I met online. And it was amazing. I noticed after a while that I was completely absorbed in learning about the person on the other side of the phone. Maybe I would still be obsessed with my ex.

I should probably not romanticise as much as I did in this article. If you enjoyed this story, follow me for more. I love to analyse and write about what intrigues my curiosity in the moment.

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Breakup? When Should You Get Back Online Dating?

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